Animated TV Show Mocks Nativity Scene, Shows Baby Jesus Getting Kicked

'Family Guy' ruined the nativity scene by kicking the baby Jesus.(Screenshot/Family Guy)

The animated Fox TV series "Family Guy" took its mockery of the Christian faith to a whole new level last Sunday after it aired its Christmas episode called "How the Griffin Stole Christmas."

In it, the Griffin family joined the nativity scene and even showed baby Jesus being kicked, according to Newsbusters. The story started when the Griffin family expressed their excitement to go sledding, but Lois instructed them to get ready for the church instead.

Peter objected and said that even Jesus Himself loved to go sledding. He added that Jesus considers sledding His "second passion," which therefore trivialised the huge sacrifice and suffering Jesus faced at the cross to save people from their sins.

"Church? What are you, an idiot? It's the first snow of the season. We're going sledding," Peter told his wife. When she started to object, he told her, "Come on, Lois. After all, sledding was the second passion of the Christ."

A cartoon Jesus then appeared and said, "Eat this, for this is my dust!"

But that is not all. Stewie crashed a corporate Christmas party and gave its management some ideas on how to fire employees. This obviously wasn't a nice thing to do, so he later became consumed with guilt. Stewie said he ruined Christmas just like the little drummer boy did.

A nativity scene then appeared. Instead of showing a peaceful moment celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the cartoon decided to ruin it by showcasing a nativity scene going wild, with baby Jesus getting kicked over.

"Truly disgusting, but certainly not surprising. Not really sure where the line is anymore when it comes to 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane," wrote Justin Ashford. "We can all agree at the very least, he should get coal on Christmas for this disaster."