'American Horror Story' season 4 spoilers: Sarah Paulson dishes on next season, bags Emmy award

Actress Sarah Paulson provided the latest "American Horror Story" season 4 spoilers, revealing some juicy details about the new season of the hit TV series.

"I knew it was happening. We're in New Orleans starting to shoot. The sun was coming up and I didn't get the call and I fell back to sleep and the phone rang. The first person I heard from was the costume designer on our show. And then the phone started to explode," Sarah told USA Today.

"Having read the first two scripts, it's going to be everything everyone hopes it to be and more. It's very new, and unlike anything that the show has been before. That's very exciting for us. We had hair and makeup tests yesterday. I could feel a crackling kind of excitement," she quickly added.

Sarah Paulson revealed that she will be playing a two-headed woman in the latest installment. The news broke out after the actress tweeted a photo showing what she will look like.

There have been very few details on the upcoming season dubbed as "Freak Show", but this confirmed that the filming for the next season has started and hinted that the "Freak Show" is something to really look forward to.

Last week, Kathy Bates spilled the beans that filming starts in the middle of July. Other than that, the actress was clueless about the details of the series.

Meanwhile, Wes Bentley was reported to join the cast as the vengeful performer in the "Freak Show". He will torment Kathy Bate. Jessica Lange, on the other hand, will play the ring master of the "Freak Show".

Sarah Paulson bagged one of the seventeen nominations on the Emmy Awards for her role on "American Horror Story: Coven". The show's other nominations include Outstanding Miniseries and acting nominations of Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Frances Conroy.

"American Horror Story" season 4 is set to come back on FX this fall.

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