All trace of Ravi Zacharias is wiped from RZIM website

All traces of Ravi Zacharias have been removed from the RZIM website. The UK website looks similarly threadbare.

Ravi Zacharias content has been wiped from the RZIM website and its social media platforms after devastating revelations of sexual misconduct.

It is one of several steps being taken by RZIM, the apologetics ministry founded by Zacharias, following the release of a damning independent investigation by Miller and Martin. 

The report detailed years of inappropriate sexual behavior by the late apologist towards massage therapists, as well as relationships with women who were not his wife. 

RZIM CEO Sarah Davis, who is also Zacharias' daughter, confirmed the removal of his content in a statement. 

"We are in the process of taking down Ravi's content from our website and social media platforms, including publications, videos, and other forms of content, and we intend to change the name of the organization," she said.

"Effective immediately, we are also discontinuing the use of 'The Zacharias Institute' brand." 

RZIM is undergoing a period of independent assessment by the organization Guidepost Solutions and is working closely with Rachael Denhollander, an advocate for abuse survivors. 

"Last month, the RZIM Board of Directors released the full report of the investigation into Ravi Zacharias's sexual abuse and their accompanying open letter," Davis said.

"We continue to grieve deeply for the victims who have been treated in ways that are completely antithetical to the gospel.

"We also painfully and increasingly recognize organizational failures that have occurred and the repentance that needs to take place in both heart and action.

"This is the first of periodic updates that we plan to release in order to share with you the steps we are taking as we seek to walk a path of repentance, restitution, learning, and serving." 

The global RZIM network has been shattered by the Miller and Martin report, with RZIM Canada taking the decision to shut down completely, and the Zacharias Trust - the UK branch - splitting away from the international organisation. 

The Zacharias Trust has also since removed content from its website while it undergoes a period of "reflection and review" about its future in the wake of the scandal. 

"In governance terms the UK entity has always been a separate charity with independent trustees, but in the current circumstances we believe that we must now operate without any link to RZIM US," it announced last month.

"The UK entity will also choose a new name. This process will take time to complete but the UK Board is convinced that this is the best and only way to ensure that the ministry can continue to serve the UK church with integrity.

"This will also give us the opportunity to review the lessons to be learned from these awful events."