After being told she and husband couldn't have children, Natalie Grant says song 'King of the World' is her dedication to God every Mother's Day

Natalie Grant snuggles with her three daughters.(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

Christian singer Natalie Grant cannot help but feel emotional every time Mother's Day draws near, and this is because of the tumultuous journey she faced towards motherhood several years back.

"I always get extra reflective and misty around Mother's Day. It transports me back to a diagnosis from a doctor that told my husband and I that we wouldn't be able to have children. Oh the fear, confusion, worry and anger. I so vividly remember the doubt and panic," she writes on her Facebook page.

Grant says that her mistake then was that she did not rest in God's promise, and instead, she "obsessively" tried to create her own plan and "fix" her motherhood woes.

"Of course GOD did have the final say. He wrote three miracle babies in to our story. But I remember coming to a place of peace BEFORE the miracles ever came," she recalls. "The doubts and questions are okay. God can handle them. As long as we end up at the truth: HIS ways are perfect, HIS plans are good, HE is still in control, HE is always faithful and we can always trust Him."

The singer has now translated her journey into a song and she named it "King of the World." She explains that no matter what people's problems might be, they need to be reminded that God is God and they are not, and the song does just that.

"And as Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but stop and think of all of you precious women who have received similar news from a doctor, but haven't received the same miracle," she says.

Grant says she is praying for all women who are keen on having children but find themselves unable to conceive. Even though their timing does not match with God's, Grant assures them that He will always answer.

"And though it may not always be the answer you're looking for, His ways are higher. Do not forget - HE is the King Of The World. The God who set everything in motion, the God who holds the stars in place, He is the same God who is holding you," she concludes.