Abortion survivor stuns US Congress with story on how she miraculously survived 18 hours of hell inside her mother's womb

Gianna Jessen survived an abortion procedure where the baby is burned inside the mother's womb, blinding and suffocating the child, who is then born dead, usually within 24 hours(Twitter/Gianna Jessen)

She was burned alive for 18 hours inside her mother's womb but miraculously survived to tell the world of the evils of abortion.

Gianna Jessen, 38, testified before the US Congress in Washington last week of how she survived one of the cruellest forms of abortion that her mother agreed to undergo inside an abortion clinic.

Jessen's story became an Internet sensation after she gave her touching testimony before Congress. Over 2.1 million people have already heard about her story in a video that has now gone viral on social media.

So who exactly is Jessen?

Jessen is an abortion survivor who almost did not get to live to see the light of day because her mother attempted to have a saline abortion.

"This method of abortion burns the baby inside and out, blinding and suffocating the child, who is then born dead, usually within 24 hours," she shared in her testimony.

"Instead of dying, after 18 hours of being burned in my mother's womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles on April the 6th, 1977. My medical records state: 'Born alive during saline abortion' at 6 a.m."

Jessen said God's miraculous plan for her was already at work even before she was born because the abortionist was not yet present when her mother was having the saline abortion. "If he had been there, he would have ended my life with strangulation, suffocation, or leaving me there to die. Instead a nurse called an ambulance, and I was rushed to the hospital," she said.

She was born with cerebral palsy because of the attempted abortion, but Jessen still feels grateful for it because it helped her "hear clearly" and forgive her biological mother for trying to kill her.

Jessen was only 12 years old when she found out that she was an abortion survivor. Two years after her startling discovery, she became a pro-life activist and has relentlessly defended the cause of the unborn ever since.

"I am alive because of the Power of Jesus Christ alone. In whom I live, move, and have my being. Without Him I would have nothing; with Him, I have all," she said before the House Judiciary Committee.

Jessen slammed Planned Parenthood for not feeling ashamed over what they are doing. "How many children have died and been dismembered and their parts sold for our ego, our convenience, and our promiscuity? How many Lamborghinis were purchased with the blood of innocent children?" she questioned.

Her life story has been translated into a film called "October Baby," which has already grossed over $5 million. It received a 79 percent approval rating from the movie critique website Rotten Tomatoes.