Abercrombie & Fitch: homeless receive A&F clothing in Greg Karber's effort to 'rebrand' controversial brand [VIDEO]

Video Screenshot

Fashion brand Abercrombrie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries recently stirred controversy after refusing to sell larger sized clothing, saying he wants to keep his brand exclusive to "cool kids." 

Los Angeles filmmaker Greg Karber decided to give the brand a "brand adjustment" by giving out its clothes to the homeless.

Karber posted a video titled "Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment #FitchTheHomeless", Karber says he plans to turn the brand into the "the world's number one brand for homeless apparel" and plans to hand out A&F clothing to homeless people.

The video encourages people to donate their old A&F clothes to local homeless shelters and promote the new A&F brand adjustment.

Viewers gave mixed reactions to the video.

One viewer commented: "I understand the overall gesture here but I couldn't help but feel kind of wrong watching this. :/"

EmpEli wrote: "He's still using homeless people as part of his statement/agenda. An agenda that is supposed to comment on 'douchebags'. Instead of just giving giving homeless people support or assistance he is using them as walking advertisements to change the brand image. By only giving them AF clothing he is forcing them to wear it. I don't think forcing AF clothing unto anyone is ethical. I even feel bad when douchebags wear it."

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