5 Things Not To Do When Waiting for 'the One'


Like many parts of the Christian faith, dating is one that is clouded by so many misconceptions. Many of the most prevalent misconceptions are tied up with the idea of waiting for the one.

The waiting game seems to be the most trivial part of Christian dating. What are we supposed to do when waiting? What are we waiting for—a sign, a falling star or a supernatural billboard to appear to a guy or girl saying, "This is it!"?

The only reason why a season of waiting is plagued with so many questions is because it matters—not just for dating but for every part of our life as well.

Waiting is important because it builds patience and character. Many times we know what to do when waiting.

There are, however, also some things that we should avoid doing while waiting. Here are just five of the many things we should avoid doing when waiting for the one.

1. Do Nothing

Just because God asks us to wait, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be doing anything. While waiting on Isaac, Abraham and Sarah travelled to Canaan. While waiting on the throne, David faithfully served King Saul and his nation. While waiting for the cross, Jesus continued to heal the sick and preach. Finding the one isn't everything; you can still focus on other things while waiting.

2. See Everyone as a Target

One big mistake single people make is considering anyone and everyone of the opposite sex they meet as a "prospect" (or worse, only those they deem attractive). Instead of seeing everyone as a prospect to date, why not start with seeing everyone as a brother or sister to serve and respect?

3. Dwell on Your 'Dream Boy/Girl List'

Too many times while waiting for the one, we dream about what that person will look like and be like. If she's a girl, she will have to be blonde with blue eyes, without stain or blemish and should never say the wrong things.

There's nothing wrong about being expectant. But we should rather ask what God knows you need more than what you want in a partner in life.

4. Stop Being 'the One'

In your waiting, do not forget to prepare yourself for the one as well. The worst feeling you can ever have is watching the train arrive and realising that you don't have a ticket. What's your character like? Are you ready for the one?

5. Over-Guard Your Heart

There is wisdom to guarding your heart, but sometimes some single men and women might make the mistake of guarding it too much that they shut out anyone and everyone that comes their way. Unless you feel a strong calling to remain celibate, there is a need for you to open your heart up just enough to get to know other people as well.