Making the Gospel accessible

|PIC1|Telling the good news of Jesus to people where they are is the motivation behind an evangelism training course starting on 24 January.

OAC Streetwise aims to present the truths of the Gospel in a way that is accessible to all and includes six training sessions over a six month period.

"Jesus himself was an open-air preacher and as we know many flocked to hear his message being proclaimed in such a clear way. We believe we need Christians today to be following His example," said OAC Ministries National Director Peter Kennelly.

The training course will give students practice in preaching a message in the open-air, using a sketch board for accompanying illustrations, speaking to individuals about the Gospel, and leading an outreach team.

OAC is inter-denominational, meaning that participating individuals and churches come from a wide range of church backgrounds.

"We have a strong emphasis on the importance of the local church," explains Steve Gurnett of the London team. "Our advice to those who have, or are, turning to Christ is to join a local church.

Roger Cole, Minister of Henley-on-Thames Baptist Church, has recently returned from India and Poland where he used the sketchboard to teach the message of the Gospel.

"Those watching were intrigued with the words appearing on the board as I spoke and helped to underline the message. I would thoroughly recommend the OAC team and courses to anyone wanting to learn to communicate and add tools to reaching people for Jesus as well as helping in children’s work both inside and outside the church," he said.

Others have explained benefits to their church as a whole. The Rev Glen Podd, of Elim Pentecostal Church in Romford, Essex, said the OAC team had been an immense help to his church.

"We have an enthusiastic but small team of evangelists and to have the support of the team on a monthly basis has been of enormous value," he said.

"They are true servants, passionate for the lost, skilled in preaching the Gospel through the sketchboard and one-to-one conversation and are committed to supporting the local church in evangelism."