2-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up Her Mom to Tell Her Jesus Is Coming Back

This two-year-old girl knows something far beyond her years to comprehend—but she's said it: Jesus Christ is coming back.

In a YouTube video (above) that recently caught the attention of CBN News, the girl named Lily Grace is seen telling her mom, Chelsea Rebecca, "The King is coming," even using the name "Abba," the term for "father" in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

In her explanation of the video, Chelsea said she took it in January 2015 at around midnight when her young daughter came knocking on her bedroom door, waking her up.

"She was saying, with urgency, 'Something's coming! Something's coming!'" Chelsea wrote on her YouTube channel about the video that has gone viral.

The little girl's words are barely understandable in the video as she says things like "The King," "Abba up, push you up" and "join Abba up."

The following morning—in another video Chelsea recorded—Lily Grace explained her vision of Jesus in her dream that prompted her to wake up her mom. Here is that video:

Chelsea said she was stunned by her daughter's vision. She said there was no way Lily Grace could have learned about the Second Coming of Jesus since she has not taught her toddler yet about the Bible.

"No, I couldn't teach her this. She JUST turned 2 and is just starting to really come up with diverse words and sentences clearly," she wrote in her YouTube post.

"Her best understanding of God prior to this was nightly bedtime prayers, and we had yet to discuss the rapture or His second coming with her (being that she is of course so young)."

Chelsea said her child's words seem to refer to a passage in the Bible, Joel 2:28 in the Old Testament where the prophet says, "It shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions."

Chelsea said this was not the only time that her daughter has had a "divine experience."

In a video she posted in February 2016, her daughter can be seen describing an encounter with Jesus.

"Was He like daddy?" Chelsea is heard asking.

"No!! Not like daddy, like JESUS. He is THE KING! King Abba! He's like Abba! Jesus King Abba," Lily Grace emphatically answered.