1,000 attend service for slain Oklahoma church pastor

Up to 1,000 filled an Oklahoma church Monday for a service to commemorate the life of a pastor who was murdered in her church just over a week ago.

|PIC1|The service, which took place at Greater New Zion Baptist Church, lasted nearly three-hours and consisted of more than a dozen speakers.

Pastor Carol Daniels was testified as some devoted and “faithful to the Word”.

Reports have said that Pastor Daniels was killed on 23 August whilst preparing a sermon. According to a forensics expert who reviewed a preliminary autopsy report, the victim suffered a number of slashes to her neck and throat, as well as stab wounds to her chest, back, stomach and hands.

Investigators have also reported that Pastor Daniels body was moved into an unnatural position after she was killed.

Oklahoma police found the naked, mutilated body of a murdered pastor stretched out in a "crucifix position" behind her church altar last Sunday, the Oklahoman has reported.

The corpse of Pastorl Daniels had been left in the form of a cross with both arms outstretched at her sides. Her head was nearly decapitated by the force of deep stabs to her neck and throat, according to forensic pathologist Dr. William Manion, who reviewed her autopsy report.

Investigators say her killer methodically sprayed a dissolving chemical around her body in an effort to destroy DNA evidence.

The report also indicated that Pastor Daniels was fighting back against her attacker, he said, as she suffered defensive slashes to her hands.

According to Associated Press, Pastor Daniels’ brother, Ivan Henderson who is also a minister from Cleveland, told mourners: “Pray so that we can forgive the person who did this. Pray that God gives favour to the police and the investigators, that God gives them strength.”

No arrests have been made in the killing, which has shocked the small, eastern Oklahoma town.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

"I've prosecuted over 50 murders," District Attorney Bret Burns said last week. "This is the most horrific crime scene I've ever witnessed."