10-year-old California boy graduates from high school

Tanishq Abraham plans to cure cancer and become president.

10-year-old Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school on Sunday in Sacramento, California.

Abraham was home-schooled, and the ceremony was attended by family and friends at the California Auto Museum. He is currently taking courses at American River College.

The boy's mother, Taji, said she always knew that her son was highly intelligent.

"I had a hunch he was a little gifted, but of course my husband didn't believe that and we had to wait about two to three years," she told KXTV. "Once we got a formal IQ test, that's when we figured it out."

At the age of four he scored high enough on an IQ test to be accepted into Mensa—a non-profit for those with intelligence in the 98th percentile.


Last year, Abraham spoke about his life at a TEDX conference.

"For me, it all started out with a simple passion: the love of reading and gaining knowledge," he said at the Sacramento event.

"I believe that there are people in this world who are like angels, who help you at the right time.

"I also learned that you have to be persistent and prove yourself."

In an interview on Monday, Abraham explained how his unique thought process works.

"When you give me something, information about that topic comes into my mind. I don't know what it is but that's how it is for me," he told KXTV.

Abraham finished high school with a 4.0 GPA, and received a congratulatory letter from the White House. After college, Abraham plans to attend the University of California Davis School of Medicine.

He hopes to find a cure for cancer.

"My ultimate goal would be science, like scientist or doctor, but also want to be president too," he said.

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