News Bulletin 19 July 2013 -- The Christian Institute

David Cameron's same-sex marriage Bill has become law this week, but opponents say the new law will 'come back to bite him' -- Sir Ian Botham has criticised the ease of getting a divorce -- The law on abortion for disabled babies is outdated, and could be discriminatory according to a Parliamentary Commission -- The Prime Minister wants internet providers to make it look like they are doing more to crack down on harmful online content, without actually changing anything, according to a leaked letter -- A primary school in London has postponed showing a sex education DVD following concerns from parents about the explicit nature of some of the content -- A Christian baker in the US, Jack Phillips, is facing a possible jail sentence after he declined to make a cake for a gay wedding -- Scottish Ministers have decided to wait and evaluate the Welsh Government's move on presumed consent for organ donation, before progress with a similar scheme -- Lord Falconer's latest attempt to legalise assisted suicide has been described as 'wholly inadequate' and 'not fit for purpose', in a report by medical and legal experts -- And an elderly couple who first met nearly 80 years ago are set to get married.