Christian students won't read 'pornographic' recommended book

Christian students at Duke university have refused to read a recommended book, claiming that it conflicts with their religious beliefs.


Net migration to Britain hits record high

Long-term net migration to Britain has risen to a record high, official data showed on Thursday, underscoring the challenge Prime Minister David Cameron has on his hands to convince voters that his immigration policy will work.


Suicides, extortion attempts follow Ashley Madison hack; hate crimes may be next

There have already been at least two individuals who have been driven to suicide because of the hack made on cheating website Ashley Madison, and Toronto police are now warning people of the "ripple effect" that might lead to people scamming or extorting users of the website just so they can avoid exposure of their infidelity.


8th video shows biotech firm's CEO joking about packages containing intact foetuses

The eighth sting video released by the Center for Medical Progress incriminating abortion service provider Planned Parenthood and biotech company StemExpress just showed the latter's CEO admitting to the former's sale of fully intact foetuses, even joking that their packages should carry warning labels since these contain intact babies inside.