Repentance After Death? Billy Graham's Answer On Whether This Is Possible


A lot of people waste their lives in sin and folly, neglecting God's Word, thinking there's always time to change and embrace a Christian lifestyle later. But what if death suddenly comes and people no longer get the chance to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour? Is there such a thing as repentance after death?

World-renowned evangelist Billy Graham once answered this question, and explained "no" it's not possible, and he warned people to get their acts together before it's too late.

"Nowhere does the Bible say (or even hint) that we might have a second chance to repent of our sins and accept God's offer of salvation after we die," he wrote on his website.

Graham said if people don't want anything to do with God right now, what's to say they would want anything to do with Him after they die? "It's almost ludicrous to think that a person who turns his or her back on God now, will want to spend all eternity worshiping Him and serving Him and thanking Him for His love," he said.

The evangelist said people would be judged according to what they had done, and anyone whose name is not found in the Book of Life will suffer eternity in the "lake of fire."

For those who are living in sin and rebelliousness, Graham strongly urged them to reconsider their need of Christ. He prayed that they will be surrounded by witnesses to God's love and peace so that Christ can give them the peace and hope they so desperately need.

But for those who have dedicated their lives to God, Graham had good news for them. Once they get to heaven, Graham said there would be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.

"Admittedly this is something we can barely picture; our lives right now are filled with every kind of problem and fear imaginable," he once wrote for the Bowling Green Daily News. "But Heaven isn't like this – and the reason is because Jesus Christ has conquered sin and death and Hell by His death and resurrection."