3 ways that God prepares us for what's to come

We're not always aware of when God's doing something with the purpose of preparing us for what's to come so we can become frustrated, confused and even disheartened at the time.


Think positive: 5 Bible verses to help you say no to negative thoughts

We're used to maintaining a focus on the dangers posed from external harmful influences but we shouldn't neglect that we can poison our own minds with negative thoughts about ourselves. We can act as our own worst enemies by telling ourselves that we're not good enough, not wise enough, not loveable. These five Bible verses can help you to assert your power over pessimistic thinking.


3 practical ways to keep Jesus as your role model

How can we make sure that Christ is a constant source of instruction in our daily lives? How can we make or default response to situations that test our faith or force us to choose between what's Christ-like and what's unrighteous "What would Jesus do?" instead of "What best benefits me?" Here are three practical ways that provide us with some answers.


God finds pleasure in providing for you

In knowing God as our provider, we are exposed to this great balancing act of seeing the blessing we now have in Christ but also seeing His lordship over areas of our lives.


Do I owe the church my service?

This might sound like a shock to you, but if you've been volunteering at your church because you feel like you owe your pastor or your church a big deal of thanks, then you've probably been volunteering for the wrong reasons.