Why does this blogger say, 'I don't tell people that I'm a Christian'

In the once deeply religious Britain, it was atheists and the irreligious who feared the judgement of God-fearing believers. Now, in a post-religious nation, is it the religious who fear the judgement of the secular? A Christian blogger writing for the Metro says she now refrains from mentioning her faith to others.


Why does God allow people to be born with disabilities or health problems?

Here is a pressing question that was asked of me by a member of our congregation not too long ago: If God is loving and gracious, why does He allow people to be born with sickness or disability — whether it be asthma, or Down syndrome, or haemophilia, or being born without limbs or certain appendages?


The big difference between living as a 'Christian' and living as a child of God

Would you believe me if I said there aren't as many Christ-followers living as legitimate children of God as there are those who profess to be Christian? In becoming a true Christian, we renounce our selfish desires, commit our lives to Him as our Lord, live for Him for we have been bought by His blood, and honour Him with our lives that pursue Christ-likeness.