Why We Should Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously: 7 Fun Looks At Evangelical Christian Culture

No one in life should take themselves too seriously, and certainly not Christians. Here are seven fun videos that lovingly but provocatively mock evangelical Christian subculture


When Is Ash Wednesday 2017?

Ash Wednesday always falls the day after Shrove Tuesday. This year it is on St David's Day, Wednesday March 1.


3 Reasons To Tame Your Tongue

Our mouth is precious to God. Christ died to pay for its iniquities and rose from the grave to infuse it with life-giving power: His words and teachings. Our mouth belongs to the Lord, and we are tasked with stewarding it well. Someday, we'll all be judged using the words we have spoken. Here are three reasons to tame your tongue.


3 Things You Should Never Cultivate in Your Marriage

Much effort is required in building, maintaining, and growing marriage relationships. Of all human relationships, marriage is the most important. Both the husband and wife must be totally committed to making it work – simply by loving God first and each other next.