Real Christian Men Do This

Real Christian men really follow Christ. And they don't just follow like what people do in social media now; real Christian men really follow Him hard.


Unsatisfied At Work? Here's How To Find Fulfilment

The world of work can be an absolute minefield. From figuring out what on earth you're meant to do with your life, to cracking just what a 'business casual' dress-code actually means, it can sometimes feel like one hurdle after another.


Does God Delight in the Death of the Wicked?

God does not want anybody to die in hell away from Him. He sent His one and only Son to redeem us and bring us back to Him to become His sons and daughters, all of us – wicked or not.


3 Things the Gospel Enables Us to Do

More than just saving us from hell and giving us entrance to heaven, the Gospel of Christ enables us to do things that no other event, teaching, mindset, or discipline can ever give. Here are some things only the Gospel of Christ can empower us to do and to be.


How Joshua 1:7 Translates to Real Life

God gave us His complete and perfect counsel in the Bible. It contains all the instruction and guidance that a child of God needs to live a holy and godly life in pursuit of Christ. Merely trying to follow it won't be enough, friends. We should obey it outright


Why is God Good to You?

God is a very good Father. There's no one who is like Him on earth, no one as kind, as loving, and patient, and as merciful. Yet for all that, many of us seem to take His kindness for granted; We forget that He is a just and holy God who tolerates no sin or wickedness.


Career and Calling: How Following God Combines These Two

Many people are confused or frustrated about combining or pursuing both their career and calling in God. How can we give our lives to God's call for us while we pursue a great career? Friends, it's not impossible; it's actually possible – and even easy – if we follow God.