Xiaomi Mi Note 2 release date, specs: Flagship follow-up to launch this week?

Xiaomi Mi Note, the current model available

While it is expected that Xiaomi will come out with a new flagship, a specific debut has yet to be confirmed for the Mi Note 2. Speculations suggest that Xiaomi will unveil the new lineup this week.

According to reports, Xiaomi will unveil the new Mi Note 2 lineup later this week, presumably on Sept. 24. While the China-based tech maker has yet to confirm the rumors, an imminent release is highly likely, since supposed leaks including the specs list on benchmark sites have already surfaced online. In addition, leaks about promo teasers are making their rounds online, pointing to a Sept. 24 press event by Xiaomi.

Previously, some leaks have pegged Sept. 14 as the launch date for the new iteration, though a late September release is more likely. This places the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 closer to other upcoming flagship releases. Reportedly, other tech makers still have some late 2016 series lined up, like the upcoming Google Pixel flagships as well as the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Meanwhile, although Xiaomi has yet to come out with confirmed details on the new iteration, specs and features of the Mi Note 2 have already made their way online. According to rumors, the new iteration will have the latest processor onboard, quite possibly the Snapdragon 820 chipset by Qualcomm. It will be paired with at least 4 GB of RAM and different storage options. There are also speculations that Xiaomi is positioning the Mi Note 2 series as a top-tier, premium phablet. Accordingly, supposed leaks suggest that a Pro version of the lineup will also be launched, carrying a step-up Snapdragon 821 processor as well as a massive 8-GB RAM. Reportedly, the new premium version will also offer a massive onboard storage, as high as 256 GB. It is unclear if the 256-GB storage is the only version for the Pro variant, or also a configuration option.

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