Soul Survivor Live 2009: Not Ashamed

As the country’s largest Christian event for young people, Soul Survivor has acted as midwife for some of the most profound arrivals on the UK – and global – worship scene. From Matt Redman to Tim Hughes and Ben Cantelon, Soul Survivor was where it all began.

Now seventeen years in the running, Soul Survivor has grown to accommodate over 25,000 people each year and the worship continues to push boundaries.

This year’s events introduced new worship leaders (a sixteen year old Kiwi and a fifteen year old from Watford among them) and established names who have been crafting the church’s soundtrack for years.

Between them, Beth Croft, Ben Cantelon and Sam Parker helped lay the foundations for thousands of profound encounters with God during this summer’s Soul Survivor events. Songs like ‘Coming Back’, ‘Not Ashamed’, ‘Jesus Saves’ and ‘Cannons’ were the bricks that set things in place, and this double CD captures them at their very best, with the above worship leaders occupying the first disk.

The trio of Andreana (Andy) Arganda, Tim Hughes and Sam Parker showcase the worship from the twenties-and-up festival Momentum on the second disk, including songs like ‘King Of Wonders’, ‘Our God Saves’ and ‘Give Us Your Courage’.

The worship album is out now through Kingsway Music.

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