Sony invites faith-based movie critic to set of new Jim Caviezel film

(Photo: Genevieve)
Jim Caviezel formerly played Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

Sony has invited Christian media critic Dr Ted Baehr to the set of When The Game Stands Tall.

The sports drama stars Jim Caviezel and is currently filming in New Orleans.

Dr Baehr, founder of Movieguide, has been invited as part of an exclusive faith and family set visit day being hosted by Sony.

He said the invitation revealed Hollywood's interest in the faith market and films that match the high standards of the faith community around language, violence and sexual content.

"Movies with faith and family values tend to perform better at the box office." Dr. Baehr pointed out. "Hollywood is catching on, and wants to make sure their movies will be acceptable to families."

The set visit starts today and ends on Thursday.

He continued: "I love families, and I love movies. Family movies not only have a more positive impact on the next generation, they also make the most money in the box office, year after year."

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