'Pokemon Sun and Moon' anime release date news: Leaked photos hint at Alolan setting and Z moves

Raticate in its Alola form for 'Pokemon Sun and Moon.'

Leaked photos of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime have been circulating online which shows series protagonist Ash Ketchum and his best bud Pikachu in the Alola regions. Both characters are sporting new looks in the upcoming show.

iTech Post revealed some images that hint at Ash coming across unique Pokemon. The dedicated Pokemon catcher also sees several Alolan versions of pre-existing Pokemon, which has piqued the interest of gamers who are looking for a connection between the animated movie and the game.

Fans were intrigued by Ash's new look, and viewers of the previous Pokemon anime series wondered whether it was related to the setting, or if there was a shift in the animation style by the animation team.

This release further fuels speculation that Ash and company will be featured in the Alolan regions in both the anime and the game. The clip also hints at the use of Z-moves as Ash was seen sporting a Z-Ring with Pikachu beside him. 

Meanwhile, leading up to the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game in North America and Japan on Nov. 18 and Nov.23 respectively, the Pokemon Company has released a new gameplay trailer which teases the introduction of more Ultra Beasts.


According to University Herald, the Ultra Beast will be called UB-02 and will appear in two different versions in the games.

The Ultra Beast will appear in Pokemon Sun as UB-02 Absorption, whose special feature is its strength. The Pokemon Moon version, on the other hand, is called UB-02 Beauty whose power is hypnotizing other creatures. UB-02 Beauty's power will work on both male or female Pokemon.

An additional treat is the introduction of a new Pokemon type, which can also be found in the trailer.

The game is expected to feature the Alolan versions of Pokemon like Raticate, Null, and Jangmo-o, which will definitely fuel the excitement of hardcore Pokemon fans.

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