Dexter Season 8 episode 5 live stream: Watch online 'This Little Piggy' on Showtime

Dexter Season 8 episode 5 takes place on Sunday with the latest episode entitled "This Little Piggy." Tonight's episode should see Dr. Vogel come into contact with the 'Brain Surgeon' and should continue to build up the tension as the finale season progresses.

Tonight's episode is available to watch online after it airs on Showtime at 9 p.m. tonight  Showtime. It can be viewed via the live stream link provided below.

The episode description for tonight's episode 5 states: "Dr. Vogel comes into contact with the 'Brain Surgeon'; Dexter and Deb try to keep the doctor safe; Masuka learns he has a daughter."

In last week's episode 4 "Scar Tissue" Dexter's relationship with Debra hit a new low after Debra discovered that their father, Harry committed suicide because of his doubts over Dexter.

Also Debra purposely steered their car into a lake in an attempted murder suicide. But Debra was saved by a nearby good Samaritan and unable to bare being responsible for Dexter's death, she dived under the lake and saved him.

This will surely have major implications for their relation in season 8 episode 5 "This Little Piggy."

Showtime has released a preview of "This Little Piggy" for fans to watch online for free. In the online promo we can still see a strong focus on Dexter's relationship with Debra.

To watch tonight's episode of Dexter Season 8 episode 5 "This Little Piggy" online from 9 p.m. ET click through to a live stream link HERE.

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