Bishop focuses on children's ministry during Lent

Bishop Williams with children of St Richard's Church, Hanworth

The Bishop of Kensington paid a visit to St Richard's Church, Hanworth, at the weekend as part of his Lent focus on children's ministry.

The Right Reverend Paul Williams is giving special focus to the value of children's ministry in churches across his area of West London.

St Richard's is one of many London churches to have adopted the Children's Charter, committing them to the continual development of their welcome and ministry to children.

During his visit, Bishop Williams spent time with the congregation before leading two Sunday School groups for children in which he talked about the parable of the prodigal son.

The bishop then presented each family with a Children's Bible.


Bishop Williams said: "It is always a joy to visit St Richards, Hanworth – a church that shares the love of God across all generations and to the whole community.

"As we re-lived the story of the prodigal son, the children and I were reminded that God's love is deeper and more surprising than we could ever imagine."

The vicar of St Richard's, the Reverend Craig Holmes said: "Here at St Richard's we work hard to welcome children of all ages right into the heart of the life and worship of our church, which is why we were particularly glad to have Bishop Paul with us.

"Finding ways to nurture the faith of young people isn't always easy, but it's what Jesus calls us to do and it's something about which we're passionate."

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