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One Key To Living Debt-Free

The Christian life is one that's abundant and overflowing with much blessing. While others make the mistake of interpreting this as being financially rich and materially prosperous, the truth is that a Christian can be poor and yet rich, be simple and yet extravagant, and be financially challenged yet abound with generosity. How could this be?


3 Things We Can Learn from The Prodigal Son's Brother

Although the older brother was mentioned quite late in the story, he is not left out, signifying that he is worth noting and that we can learn from his example in the Bible. Here are some things we can learn from the prodigal son's older brother.


How To Know If It's Really God Who Spoke To You

Many Christians today claim that God has spoken to them. While I believe that God still speaks personally to His children, not all voices that speak to us come from God. So how do I avoid being deceived? How do I know if what I heard was really from God?


3 Ways God Meets Your Needs

Dear reader, God will provide all that you need as you seek Him first. Here are some ways He will provide.