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The big difference between living as a 'Christian' and living as a child of God

Would you believe me if I said there aren't as many Christ-followers living as legitimate children of God as there are those who profess to be Christian? In becoming a true Christian, we renounce our selfish desires, commit our lives to Him as our Lord, live for Him for we have been bought by His blood, and honour Him with our lives that pursue Christ-likeness.


3 ways to shine the light of Christ to the people around us

The Word of God tells us that we are the light that Christ has set in this dark world. We are given the noble task of shining bright so that God could be seen, heard, felt, and be praised and glorified even by those who do not know Him. Truly, it is an honour to be chosen by God to represent Him in this world.


3 areas married Christian couples must grow in

Marriage is a relationship that needs constant effort and nurturing for continued growth. Both the husband and the wife need to grow in certain areas so that their marriage relationship will flourish as God had intended it.


The best way Christians can overcome the enemy's lies

We live in a world saturated with lies. The enemy has bombarded humanity with his lies since the first man and woman, and he will keep on doing it non-stop. How do we overcome his constant and blatant lying against us?