Only God, the Designer, can make living creatures so complex, scientists say

A team of more than 20 researchers recently set out to seemingly simple scientific task: to create a "minimal cellular genome" to determine the basics of life. In the course of their experiments, however, they realized that only a Higher Being, can create creatures that are intrinsically complex.


Christian shot by Muslim hater saved others before he died

Following the footsteps of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our salvation, the 37-year-old Arab Christian man killed by a supposed Muslim hater reportedly saved the lives of at least two people, including his mother, before he was shot dead.


World Vision CEO addresses Hamas money funneling scandal

Kevin Jenkins, president and chief executive officer of World Vision International, has vowed to uncover the truth behind the accusations made against the organisation's Gaza director, Mohammad El Halabi, who reportedly diverted millions of dollars from the humanitarian group to the Islamist terrorist organisation Hamas.