Creflo Dollar pastors a megachurch in Atlanta, Georgia, but has built ...

Creflo Dollar will get $70 million plane - says 'necessary' for ministry

The popular US televangelist Creflo Dollar is to get the $70 Million Gulfstream G650 jet plane because it is "necessary" for his ministry, his church board has decreed.


Franklin Graham offers hope to Ashley Madison users: 'Your sins can be forgiven'

A lot of people are currently in turmoil due to the hack made on cheating website Ashley Madison. In fact, some people have already been driven to suicide because of it, but Reverend Franklin Graham is shedding some light and hope to those guilty of using the website and told them that God can still forgive their sins.


XXX Church pastor 'not surprised' at all by Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison admission

Very few things ever surprise Pastor Craig Gross from XXX Church anymore, especially after he started his online ministry dedicated to helping people who suffer from porn and sex addiction. So when news broke out a few days ago that former reality star Josh Duggar from "19 Kids and Counting" had two paid Ashley Madison accounts, he was not shocked at all.


When God says 'no' to homosexuality, He clearly means 'no'—Pastor Dean Hackett

Has God ever changed His mind about homosexuality? This was the question raised by Dr. F. Dean Hackett, lead pastor of Living Faith Church in Hermiston, Oregon after several churches are now adapting to the new cultural standards and have exhibited a more open behaviour with regards to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.