Welcoming the convert in Wales

(Photo: Anissa Thompson)

Religious organisations are meeting in Cardiff this week to talk about conversion. Christians, Muslims and other faith groups will share their experiences of people joining their communities whilst leaving others.

Welcoming the Convert in Wales is organised by Evangelical Alliance Wales with the support of the Alliance for Peace and the Middle Path and Cardiff City of Sanctuary. It will take place on Thursday 21 November 7-8.30pm at the Council Chambers in Cardiff University.

Jim Stewart, Public Affairs and Advocacy Officer for Evangelical Alliance Wales said: "This is very often perceived as a taboo subject but as representatives of different faiths we need to lift the lid honestly and sensitively.

"Religious freedom is a fundamental value in the UK and as Christians we will defend anyone's rights to choose and change their faith convictions whatever they are, without fear or intimidation.

"All of our faiths in Wales will have converts in their communities. Yet converts can sometimes be vulnerable, adrift from the networks of their old faith community. They can sometimes be a minority within a minority.


"This event will be religiously-neutral in that no individual faith will be promoted – the aim will be to promote discussion and dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual respect".

For further information about the event email Jim Stewart on j.stewart@eauk.org in order to reserve a place. The venue a limited capacity and so seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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