'Toriko' chapter 388 spoilers: Midora's appetite demon to finally show itself?

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Cover for the latest Toriko compendium, volume 36.

With the fight against Neo Acacia continuing, it is expected that Midora will unleash his inner demon and fight for real on the upcoming "Toriko" chapter 388.

In the past chapter, Midora was made immobile for only a few seconds. However, these precious seconds proved fatal for Starjun. Before passing on, Starjun revealed to Toriko that they are brothers, being the children of Acacia and Chef Goddess Froese. It is also confirmed that, although there is a big time gap between Froese's death and the ages of the brothers, it is because Froese had used a back channel to nurture the two.

Meanwhile, it is said that, with Starjun already out of the fight and Toriko still adjusting to his newfound strength, chapter 388 this week will focus on a serious one-on-one battle between Midora and Acacia. It is expected that the Bishokukai boss will unleash his appetite demon in the fight, much like what Toriko had done is previous chapters when fighting the Blue Nitro. Midora's inner demon is deemed to be one of the strongest in the series, now that Don Slime has already been eaten by Neo. However, it is expected that the strongest is one of Toriko's appetite devil, the winged white one. Previously, Neo has encountered the white demon, with the latter managing to inflict damage to Neo Acacia by biting his hand off.

Some fans also expect "Toriko" to continue with a new arc after the fight. According to industry followers, Toriko has only managed to activate his Red Ogre demon, and he still has two more. Speculations suggest that Neo Acacia will likely continue the fight in the farthest lands, which opens up a new area for the different characters. In addition, Toriko and his friends have yet to explore Area 0, which is said to be the entrance to the farthest lands.

"Toriko" chapter 388 will arrive on the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump later this week.

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