'The Incredibles 2' release date in 2019; Jack-Jack to be main antagonist?

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'The Incredibles' movie screenshot

The Parr family — or better known as the superhero team named The Incredibles" — was a veritable household name when the original 2004 animated movie came out. Fans were, of course, expecting an immediate sequel to follow right after, but more than a decade later, there still seems to be a lack of any official details regarding the "The Incredibles 2."

The only thing that is sure about the new animated sequel is that "The Incredibles 2" is definitely in the works and that it has a tentative 2019 release date. Pixar, however, has not yet declared it to be an official release date as it could be changed at any time.

For now, fans of the series are understandably interested about what the movie will be about. Fortunately, some reports have revealed that it could feature a storyline that will be quite different from what was expected.

According to several reports, the upcoming sequel will apparently be featuring a time jump where Bob and Helen Parr's kids — namely Dash and Violet — are now teenagers. Jack-Jack, on the other hand, will reportedly still be dealing with his powers, which has led some fans to believe that he might be featured as the movie's main antagonist.

His older brother and sister have already gotten accustomed to their powers in the previous movie, and it seems like Jack-Jack could possibly be dealing with some personal struggles with his place in the family and his powers.


While nothing has been set in stone just yet, it would certainly be interesting to see the theory come to life on the big screen. The premise does actually jive with the previous announcements which revealed that the movie was going to be an entirely different superhero movie.

It was also previously mentioned by the movie's director — Brad Bird — that the sequel would focus more on the Parr's family life instead of their powers.

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