'Switched At Birth' season 5 premiere spoilers: Regina dates a younger man

Promotional image for the series "Switched at Birth"

"Switched at Birth" had a long hiatus after the fourth season came to an end back in October 2014, but it will premiere season 5 this coming January 2017, and while it will explore the return of Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Milano) to the United States, it will also explore Regina's (Constance Marie) new love life.

As shown in the official trailer. Regina is revealed to have a new love interest, and it isn't going to be a traditional romance either. Instead of getting into a relationship with someone her age, it is revealed that her lover, Luca (Michael Galante), is much younger than her and is speculated to be half her age.

Because of the fact that Luca is likely to be just as old as Bay and Daphne, the trailer shows Regina may be a little stressed about it, particularly with the way the rest of the world views their relationship. It is also unclear if Bay and Daphne will accept this relationship.

However, Luca is shown in the trailer, telling Regina that he doesn't care what the public thinks, and he has never been bothered by their age difference, right before he pulls her in and gives her a kiss.

The trailer also delves into the girls' and their return after spending months in China. While Bay is shown regretting their decision to come home, Daphne and her boyfriend, Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch), will get into trouble for what they chose to wear at a costume party.


Dressing up as rapper Lil Wayne the couple attracts negative feedback from African-American students, one of which states she is insulted by the choice. Daphne posts an image on social media, and this photo immediately goes viral and, again, causes a lot of negative backlash from the public. Daphne is then shown telling Mingo how everybody hates them now.

"Switched at Birth" season 5 premieres Jan. 24, 2017 at 9 p.m. on Freeform.

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