'Supernatural' season 12 spoilers, news: Jensen Ackles talks about reaching more milestones; Cas and Crowley team up against Lucifer

Promotional photo for season 12 of "Supernatural."

Fans of "Supernatural" who had a scare when rumors circulated that their favorite show will get canned after this season can now rest easy because the longest running scripted fantasy horror series in the United States is not planning to go off the air anytime soon.

In an interview with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles — who play the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean, respectively — both actors expressed their gratitude for the fans' support for the series which has kept it going for over a decade. They also thanked Warner Bros and The CW management for the strong backing that propelled the show to its 12th season.

"The fact that (CW President) Mark (Pedowitz) says that we'll keep going as long as we're happy... I don't even know how to qualify that. It's awesome, especially when it has to do with a program that I'm so proud of and a story that I still enjoy telling and a character that I still love playing," Ackles said.

Sharing how he felt about reaching milestone after milestone with the show, he said that he and Jared are up for reaching more milestones for "Supernatural" and are not putting any expiration dates on how long they can sustain their momentum on air.

"He and I, we talk about getting to episode 300 and that's just another milestone... and then when we get there, we'll keep going and see what the next milestone is. One of the many reasons we've managed to get to where we are is, I don't think we really set parameters or limits or any obstacles. It's just like, 'Let's keep our heads down and let's just do the best work that we can and hopefully, people will continue to watch and we can keep telling these stories," he added.


When the show returns for it's twelfth season, not only will the Winchesters celebrate a family reunion with their mom Mary (‎Samantha Smith) but viewers will also see the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) team up with the King of Hell (Mark Sheppard) to take down Lucifer, who is now using the body of an aging rockstar (Rick Springfield) as his vessel.

But before the duo gets to Crowley, a music mogul who has a history with Crowley will stand in their way, reported IBTimes.

"Supernatural" season 12 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.

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