'Super Mario Run' release date news: iOS-exclusive mobile runner followed by Android version in 2017

Nintendo Creative Designer Shigeru Miyamoto announces a Mario Bros game for the iPhone.

While those who had witnessed Apple's recent launch of the brand new iPhone 7 were busy gawking at the new device, some people probably disregarded the part where Nintendo took the stage to announce their latest iOS-exclusive mobile video game, "Super Mario Run." The upcoming side-scrolling endless runner platform video game was showcased during the even earlier this month, but it was strangely viewed as an afterthought when it was overshadowed by the iPhone 7's launch.

Now, new reports are coming in which suggests that the first ever "Super Mario" mobile game developed by Nintendo themselves might not be an iOS-exclusive game for a certain period of time. Apple's CEO Tim Cook previously expressed how honored they were that Nintendo had chosen their iOS platform to launch their new game.

Nintendo, on the other hand, may not want to limit their reach to iOS users as rumors are pointing to a possible Android version release in 2017.

The game's designer Shigeru Miyamoto also expressed his thoughts on the new game and how they had strictly made if for mobile devices. This means that the game may not be coming out for any of the latest consoles anytime soon. However, it is interesting to see how Nintendo is planning to revive the entire franchise and how they will be presenting it to the current generation of gamers.

"This game we're developing strictly for play on mobile devices. But of course we're continuing our own work on our own hardware platforms, and we'll be looking at how we bring Mario's next evolution to life on those platforms as well," the designer had stated in a recent interview.


"Super Mario Run" is expected to be coming out later in the year, possibly around December. It will not be free on the App Store, so expect to pay a small amount of money for it when the game is launched.

On the other hand, an Android version is expected to be released in 2017 as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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