Rise of Christian Games Creates Buzz Ahead of Developers Conference

With Christian games emerging more and more into the mainstream market, there is a need of collaboration to keep the high level of quality as well as a solid foundation on Christian teachings.

|PIC1|The sixth annual Christian Game Developers Conference will run from July 19-21 in Portland, Ore.The sixth annual Christian Game Developers Conference (CGDC) aims to meet these goals, drawing hundreds of game makers to Concordia University in Portland, Ore., from Thursday to Saturday.

Organizers expect this year to be extremely productive to bettering the Christian gaming industry.

"Each year our industry gets more exciting," explained conference organizer Tim Emmerich of GraceWorks Interactive in a statement. "There have been several new games since last year. And it is encouraging to hear about new teams being formed."

Since last year's conference, attendants have expressed an excitement in returning to meet one another. In the unique niche of Christian gaming, having fellowship with other fellow game makers is crucial since it is a difficult position that many cannot relate to. Conference-goers have described the event as "a unique experience, good fellowship, and opportunities to learn."

Held at the conference will be a number of activities including discussion sessions and speeches, as well as hands-on workshops and exhibit areas. A number of speakers have been invited including Jay Moore of The Strategery Group, Joel Bramwell of Christian Supply, Dr. Norman Mintle of Regent University, Dr. Jim Copeland of WorldVenture, Peter Churness of Rebel Planet Creations and Troy Lyndon of Left Behind Games.

"We are adding a few panels this year," said Emmerich in a statement. "This was in response to several requests for them."

Anyone involved in working on games or even just simply interested individuals are encouraged to attend the gathering. The gaming industry has a multitude of positions including art, music, programming, testing, designing, publishing, and distributing.

While the conference will feature a gamut of game genres including card, board, tabletop, and computer and videogame, organizers hope that attendants do not forget the ultimate goal for the gathering - being centered around God.

"[M]ost importantly, all attendees will be encouraged and hopefully be closer to God for having attended," concluded promoters in a statement.

Their newest logo is inspired from last year's conference: a cross with controller buttons.

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