'Ray Donovan' season 5 release date: Donovan steers away from the FBI and returns to Hollywood

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"Ray Donovan" season 5 might be the final season for the series. Showrunner David Hollander wants the Donovans to have a big Hollywood story now that Ray (Liev Schreiber) is done dealing with the FBI.

Season 4 of "Ray Donovan" ended on a peaceful note, with the Donovan family on top. With the help of the FBI, the Russians are finally gone and Ray's family is stronger and closer than ever. Aside from this, Ray has overcome his conflict with his religious demons and he has set his family as his new God.

With how season 4 ended, Hollander revealed in an interview with TV Line that the upcoming season will have a fresh start for the Donovan family. "I felt like it was time for Ray and his family to come to a place of acceptance. And, whatever happens next, it gives us a relatively blank page to go to a new place with them," Holland explained.

He also said that season 5 will focus on the family being "a strong, complicated, dangerous, loving, slightly criminal family from Boston living in Los Angeles, who are now working more closely together."

But the Donovan family's struggles seem far from over. Holland revealed that Abby's (Paula Malcomson) cancer being gone is not a hundred percent guaranteed. Ray needed Abby to get better, and the news of her being cancer-free did the deed. But only season 5 can tell whether what Abby said about her being cured is true or not.


With Ray's recent disastrous encounter with the FBI, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that he will be turning a new leaf and will steer away from being the kind of person that gets caught with them.

The Donovan family may have evolved from their previous situations, but they will go back to familiar ground and Ray will start working cases again in Hollywood. Holland is planning to cook up a grand Hollywood story for the Donovans in season 5.

"Ray Donovan" season 5 premieres in 2017 on Showtime.

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