'Overwatch' DLC update: Skull Code the latest clue for Sombra investigation

After Ana was added to the "Overwatch" roster a few weeks back, the community has constantly been searching for clues that would lead them to Sombra, the supposed new hero to be added to the game.

According to Game Rant, the latest evidence of this hero's existence comes in a form of a "skull code" discovered by the fans last week. This discovery is considered to be the first big break the community had in the past couple of weeks. The investigation for Sombra is led by a group of avid gamers calling themselves the Game Detectives. 

On the surface, this Skull Code might not be that significant, but the things uncovered by people so far give more credit to this piece of information. Earlier this month, some of the fans noticed that the promotional video of the "Overwatch" Summer games had frames that seemed to indicate arrows pointing them in a certain direction. In response, the fans created a sort of a compass by arranging the heroes' images according to the directions indicated in the frames.

This did not seem to be right answer though, so instead they started searching the skies of the Dorado map, since it was previously associated with Sombra. It turns out that there was a cipher in the sky but it cannot be deciphered even with the compass. As such, Blizzard gave a cryptic message, saying that the answer is not always above, but behind and that they need to analyze their past achievements instead.

The team then scoured the achievements page in-game, which led them to decrypt the cipher hidden within the game's source code using the compass. This led to a URL that led fans to unlock a unique-looking skull posted on the site. As for now, this is all they have found, so fans should just wait for more updates about the Sombra investigation for "Overwatch."