Hats off to Pope Francis: skullcap raises more than €100k on eBay

Press Association

If you've ever dreamt of sporting a hat worn by Pope Francis himself, then you're in luck: his skullcap has been put on eBay and could be yours for just over €100,000.

An Italian TV show host convinced the pontiff to swap his skullcap for a new one following one of his appearances in St Peter's Square.

According to AFP, the host of satirical TV show Le Lene managed to approach the Pope as he was about to get into his car.

Vatican TV recorded the moment that Pope Francis asked the jeep to stop, examined the cap presented to him and then offered up his own in exchange.

The Pontiff's hat has been put on eBay to raise money for Soleterre, a charity which provides medical treament for vulnerable children in the DRC, and has attracted 128 bids, the highest of which currently stands at over €100,000.

It's not the first time Francis' cap has made the news. A gust of wind blew the hat off the Pontiff's head during his weekly address earlier this year to much amusement from his audience.