Global Day of Prayer Founder to Pray on Kilimanjaro

Believers taking part in the Global Day of Prayer events on Pentecost Sunday, 27 May 2007, are being encouraged to climb to the top of hills and mountains near their villages and cities to say their prayers on the special day.

|PIC1|Graham Power, the founder and Chairman of the Global Day of Prayer initiative will join 100 people and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the second highest mountain in the world.

The climbers aim to reach the summit on 27 May to offer prayers of repentance, revival and restoration for the whole world.

Pastor Jonathan Oloyede, one of the organisers of the Global day of Prayer London event, stated, "Graham Powers and his climbers are setting a great example for Christians to follow - that is to take time out of their busy schedule and meet with God in a secluded and high place."

He added: "It is no coincidence that two of our greatest biblical heroes, Moses and our Saviour Jesus Christ, met with God in the mountains. Those times they spent with God enabled them to gain directives, strength and inspiration concerning their mission on the earth, and those directives, which they carried out, continue to impact on the lives of believers today."

Power is hopeful that all 220 nations in the world will participate in the worldwide prayer initiative taking place on Sunday 27 May.

The Global Day of Prayer is an international prayer initiative that was started in 2001 by Power, a businessman, who felt God was calling him to bring South African churches together to pray. Over 45,000 Christians attended that event.

The vision was then expanded to the whole of the African continent in 2003 and in 2005 Christians from 156 nations took part in the first ever Global Day of Prayer. This grew last year as events took place in 199 nations. This year all nations are expected to take part.

In a letter sent around the globe, Power wrote: "Of the 21 nations which did not participate in 2006, good progress is being made in making contact. My request and plea is that you would pray for God to release 'believers' in those nations to join with you and I, and a likely 350 - 400 million Christians across the globe."

The Global Day of Prayer London event will take place at West Ham United FC, Upton Park, in east London on Sunday 27 May 2007. Church leaders and para-church organisations from across the denominational spectrum have offered their full support to the event which will gather tens of thousands of believers.

Media sponsors of the event include Christian Today and Premier Radio.

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