'Fireproof' creators to reveal plans for fourth film

|PIC1|Movie-making church ministry Sherwood Pictures will be announcing the title and story line of its next movie this month and has been providing video “clues” over the past week.

"After much prayer, creative brainstorming, more prayer, wise counsel, and still more prayer, Sherwood Pictures is ready to move ahead with their fourth motion picture," reported Provident Films, which worked with Sherwood for their latter two films.

So far, the makers of last year’s highly successful Fireproof film have suggested that their fourth project, like the three before, will start with the letter “F” and provided clues in two short skits – video segments redubbed from their first and third movies.

Aside from that, Sherwood Pictures has revealed little else but has been encouraging its supporters to stay up to date by joining their e-mail list.

“From their first movie, Sherwood Pictures has been focused on more than entertaining moviegoers,” expressed Provident Films. “Theirs is a true ministry endeavor. And each step along the way, they have seen the audiences grow and the impact enlarged.”

Though Sherwood’s first film, Flywheel, was largely unheard of and produced on just a $20,000 budget, the ministry has since grown, raking in over $10 million through its second film, Facing the Giants, on a $100,000 budget and over $33 million through its third film, Fireproof, on a $500,000 budget.

The Kendrick brothers, who started Sherwood Pictures, had decided to enter the movie-making business after coming across the results of a 2002 Barna Group survey, which noted how movies are one of the leading influencers in American society while churches have lost much of their influence.

Their church’s movie outreach has since been extended beyond the small community of Albany, Georgia, and spread throughout North America and countries overseas.

Information about Sherwood's fourth film will be revealed on November 15.

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