Church service remembers Philpott children

The fire caused the death of six of the Philpott children

A church service is taking place on Saturday to remember six children who died in a Derby house fire.

Duwayne, Jade, John, Jack, Jesse and Jayden Philpott died as a result of the blaze in Victory Road, Derby, a year ago to the day.

Their parents, Mick and Mairead Philpott, were jailed last month for manslaughter, along with their friend Paul Mosley.

The service starts at St George's Catholic Church at 18:30 BST and will be led by Father Alan Burbidge, who conducted the children's funerals.

"The children are to be well remembered but also we want to pray for everybody of the extended family and those still grieving, the older children and the grandparents," he said.


A community event was taking place in Osmaston Park in the afternoon to remember the children. White doves were to be released in their memory.

Friends, relatives and neighbours of the Philpott children took part in a walk from Skegness to Derby to remember the children and raise money for the Catch Me When I Fall fund, which supports sick children.

The group was due to be back in Derby in time to attend the Osmaston event.

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