Church of England makes Sunday worship more accessible with new app

(Photo: Diocese of Southwark)

The Church of England has released a new free app to help more people follow Sunday services using their mobile devices.

'Sunday Worship' presents the full Bible readings for the main church service, along with the Collect and post-Communion prayers for the week in a simple, easy to follow format for use on iPhones and iPads.

The launch of the app follows that of two others published to support and engage congregations. 'Reflections for Daily Prayer', which offers daily Bible readings, prayer and inspiration, was released on 28 November, and 'The Lectionary' is now available as an app, Kindle e-book or printed booklet. It provides clergy and worship leaders with vital information such as Bible readings and full details of feast days.

The apps have been developed by the official publisher of the Church of England, Church House Publishing, alongside Aimer Media.

Thomas Allain-Chapman, Publishing Manager for Church House Publishing, has said that he hopes the digital resources will make things "just a little bit easier" for church leaders, while also helping members to find out more about services and to prepare well for taking part in worship.


He has also welcomed the encouragement users will receive to "revisit Bible readings and prayers during the rest of the week, too".

The apps have received good feedback so far, according to Commercial Director of Aimer Media Adrian Driscoll, who added that his team are "excited to open up these benefits to even more people" through the future launch of Android versions.

All three apps are available now on iTunes.

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