Christians Struggle to Share their Faith, According to Survey

|TOP|According to a survey conducted with the Church Army and Premier Christian Radio, a majority of Christians do not find it easy to share their faith.

The survey was launched to test reaction concerning evangelism and faith sharing across the UK. The results concluded that Home Mission is seen as very important by 76% of respondents, but 47% often feel ill-equipped to share their faith.

David Coleman, the Communications Manager at Church Army said "It's exciting to find out that so many Christians want to share their faith. Home Mission is core to what Church Army does and Church Army Sunday provides a focus for us to encourage and equip Churches to get more involved in sharing faith through words and action."

|AD|"Premier's research has enabled us to gain a solid understanding of what Christians across all denominations are thinking about sharing their faith. We hope as a leading Christian home mission agency Churches will look to Church Army Evangelists to find examples effective ways to share faith in everyday situations."

Christians from a variety of denominations including Anglicans, Roman Catholics, free churches, Pentecostals, Baptists and Methodists reflecting the broad listenership of Premier joined the survey, which identified that 65% of respondents were aware of Church Army, although not so well informed about its focus on home mission and the theme for Church Army Sunday.

"We are in a unique position" commented Premier Chief Executive, Peter Kerridge "We are able to reach the whole of the Church, not just in London but across the entire country. It is Premier's responsibility to encourage the Christian community to take an active role in Home Mission. This is one of the key reasons we have selected Church Army as our Home Mission partners."

Church Army Sunday, supported by Premier Radio, will be held on September 24th 2006, where churches will have the opportunity to review Church Army's work and to consider providing prayerful or financial support. The theme of this year's Church Army Sunday is 'Get OUT More' - and to challenge churches to undertake an appropriate mission activity and make a difference in their community.

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