Bible Society Launches New Bible Resources Website

|PIC1|The Bible Society has launched a new one-stop online facility for purchasing Bible resources this week. Bibles, study guides and multimedia products designed to build understanding and share the power of God’s Story are featured on its website

Bibles are also offered in over seventy languages. Users may search for specific items using categories such as educational resources, church resources and gift Bibles.

“We are delighted that people across the country can use this new resource and have instant access to some of the best Bible resources available. Each product is carefully chosen to help people enage with and share the passion of the Bible,” said Richard Dlucik, Bible Society Resources’s Trading Manager.

The latest initiative from the Bible Society follows last month's release of the first ever recording of the entire New Testament in Welsh.

|TOP|In addition, the Bible Society last month arranged a number of fringe meetings entitled “Mind your Language – Exploring Faith, Politics and the Media”. The meetings took place towards the end of September and the beginning of October and focused on how people could communicate better and speak effectively within the political agenda.

The Bible Society is a charity with a mission to make the Bible heard across the world. For 200 years the Society has been the world specialist in Bible translation, distribution and education projects.

It continuously seeks to find creative ways to help people engage with the Bible through audio, video and Braille.

For further information on the full range of products available please visit

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