Stephen Baldwin on a mission to end hunger among orphans

Former Hollywood bad boy and born again Christian Stephen Baldwin is raising funds to feed 2012 orphans before the year is out.

The actor and evangelist has teamed up with talk host Kevin McCullough and “Secret Millionaire” Dani Johnson for the “2012 in 2012” campaign.

The campaigners aim to raise awareness of the malnutrition they warn is affecting 70 per cent of the world’s 60 million orphans.

The “2012 in 2012” campaign is being supported by Christian ministries, King’s Ransom Foundation and Food for the Orphans.

Food for the Orphans has come up with a special nutritional diet containing rice, soy, beans, chicken and other ingredients that can be served at just 25 cents per meal.

The campaigners say that a donation of just $92 (£57) is enough to feed one orphan for an entire year.

“We don’t think feeding one orphan for an entire year is too big of a task for those of us who have been blessed so much that we have not had to skip any meals even today,” they say in their campaign appeal.

The money raised will go towards feeding orphans in places like Africa and the Caribbean.

"I've stared into the eyes of orphans in Eastern Europe, West Africa, and Central America, and though the geography is different, the one thing that never changes is how helpless they are to be able to feed themselves," McCullough said.

"Our partners are delivering life healing food for the rate of feeding an orphan for an entire year, for just $92 – this is how simple it is to save a life? How can we get more people involved? How can we rescue more children? These questions haunt me each night.”

Baldwin shares his feelings.

"When I toured the places these children sleep and live in, I couldn't help but be moved to do something about it,” he said.

“My whole family saw with our own eyes children who were dying or would die soon, simply because they had no food.”