Expert Warns the Recent Terrorist Attacks around the World Show Muslim’s Big Ambition

Recently, the whole world is filled with the terror of extremist attacks, like Spain train bombings, Iraq murder of U.S. missionary, Kosovo violence...all of them are associated with the background of Muslim- Christian conflicts.

It now seems clear to American officials that Osama bin Laden, a known terrorist already sought by the FBI, and his terrorist group, al-Qaeda, were involved in and probably masterminded the entire attack.

Spain's new Socialist leader, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been taking a moderate approach towards the threat. He suggested the pullout of Spain troops from Iraq and that negotiation is the way to deal with terrorists.

However, terrorism expert Jim Phillips of the Heritage Foundation says Spain's reaction will just give power to the terrorists.

"It looks like al-Qaida has won its biggest political triumph since September 11, [2001]," he says. "Although it's not entirely clear who was responsible, these attacks have all the fingerprints of al-Qaida."

The Muslim extremists group, al-Qaida has demonstrated its big ambition towards the world.

Before last week's terrorist attack in Spain, Washington Times correspondent Rowan Scarborough believed al-Qaida is planning something intended to inflict as many deaths as possible.

Taking out a nation's infrastructure and crippling its economy is believed to be the ultimate aim of al-Qaida. According to Scarborough, it is all part of the terrorists' "grand plan."

According to James A. Philips, a Research Fellow in the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, the physical world is not the only target of al- Qaida. Al Qaida is at war with Western ideas, ideals, and societies, and not just with states.

Referring to the recent bomb attack in Spain, Philips explained that the Islamic extremists who support al- Qaida consider southern Spain to be occupied Muslim land that deserves to be liberated from the “crusaders?of Christian background, who drove out Muslim rulers in 1492.