Muslim-Christian Clash in Ambon, Indonesia

Photo 1:
Residents watch a fire at a building during clashes between Muslim and Christians in the capital Ambon, in Indonesia's eastern Moluccas province, April 25, 2004. At least four people were killed and 40 injured during the clashes, witnesses and police said on Sunday. (Photo by Stringer/Indonesia/Reuters)

Photo 2:
Members of Indonesian hardline Muslim groups argue Monday with a policeman in front of the prison building in Jakarta where jailed Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir is being held. Hardline Muslim groups insisted that the US government has pressured Indonesia to investigate Bashir on suspicion of terrorism.(AFP/Choo Youn-Kong)

Photo 3:
Indonesian police officers guard on a road after Muslim and Christian gangs hurled rocks at each other in Ambon, Indonesia, Sunday, April 25, 2004. (AP Photo/ Ongky Anakonda)