Andaman Islanders embrace the good news of great joy

New Delhi(April 1)- In recent time, the work of God is much more intense and desperate than ever before in India. When persecutions intensified and even a law to ban conversions has been imposed in many state governments in India which are seen as the only way to stop any kind of conversions, the work of God also increases and many people are coming to Christ.

And the Islanders in the Indian Ocean are not left behind in this wave of great spiritual awakening. Christian Aid reported that a recent trip by mainland missionaries to the Andaman Islands resulted in several unreached tribes hearing the Word and numerous professions of faith.

During a four-day gospel meeting in this remote island region of India, attendance grew to 2000 with some 300 professing faith in Christ for the first time. Two bedridden women were cured and several deaf and dumb people were healed of their afflictions. As these and other deliverances occurred, many Muslims and Hindus who attended came forward to accept Jesus as their

At another meeting held in a marketplace, over 90% of the attendees were non-Christians. Several individuals who watched from a distance noted that many in attendance rushed to the missionaries when miraculous healings occurred. One man who could not move his hand or leg was delivered and healed by prayer and some 60 souls were saved. Contact with the tribal members ranged from large meetings to individual
interactions. During the month-long crusade, some 500 people professed faith in Christ.

Those who wish to assist in the work of this and other ministries like it should contact Christian Aid using gift code 600-WMN.

Let us pray for the ministries involving in delivering the spiritual food for those who are hunger and thirst.

- Our Correspondent.

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