100,000 Living New Testaments to the people of Wales

North Carolina: Dr. Rochunga Pudaite, the founder of 'Bibles for the World' and a Hmar Christian leader, is hoping to re-kindle the Welsh Revival that took place 100 years ago, by sending 100,000 Living New Testaments to the people of Wales.

Dr. Pudaite was quoted as saying that the Bible gift is a 'thank-you' to the people of Wales. "It was a Welshman who was brave enough to come to our head hunting village following the great Welsh Revival of 1904 and because of that I also found Christ. His name was Watkin Roberts and so, if a Welshman was willing to come to a head hunting village, why not now a member of a tribe of transformed head hunters providing the Welsh people with New Testaments want to hunt their hearts for Jesus Christ." says Dr. Pudaite.

Dr. Pudaite said that he had learned that less than 3 percent of the Welsh people now go to church. "In view of this, I felt we had to do something about it and so we are printing these 100,000 Living New Testaments with a red Welsh insignia on the cover and we are excited about that.

"It is our prayer that this will ignite the flame of revival back again to Wales and them spread also to England and Scotland and then maybe across the world. We are calling for millions of people to pray for that possibility."

In 1971, God gave his ministry a new dream to give a free copy of the New Testament to all the families of the world in response to the commission of the Lord, "the Gospel must first be published among all the nations." They have sent over 14 million New Testaments to individual homes of the world.