German Protestant Churches denounce Palestinian Terrorism and Israeli Assassinations

At the monthly meeting of the Council of Protestant Churches held in Hanover, Germany, German Protestant leaders have called on Muslims and their religious organisations to denounce all suicide bombings and their religious legitimisation.

Being a close ally of the USA, the aggressive approach taken by America in anti-terrorism has made Europe a terror target for Islamic extremists. Terrorism has become a threat to European countries after a series of cruel and bloody terrorist attacks around the world.

On the council meeting, the 15 council members expressed their grief for the latest escalation of violence in the Holy Land, which has reached almost unimaginable proportions.

Representing 25.6 million church members, they also issued a call to outlaw both Palestinian acts of terrorism and extra judicial killings by Israeli security forces.

While the militant peacemakers are trying hard to maintain an uneasy calm, Israel assassinates militant adversaries in the name of self-defence. The cycle of violence continues, showing there is no hope of a peaceful co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians, says the council.

Even worse, "Palestinian terrorists even have the nerve to recruit children for suicide attacks by making deceptive religious promises." The situation has now become unbearable.

"The situation in Israel and Palestine is desperate" declares the council. The Protestant leaders urge Christians to continue in their fervent intercession for the Holy Land.

Keeping the absolute faith in God, the council encourages the people, "We believe, even against all appearances, that God has the whole world in His hands and that He can transform human hearts."