Media Ministry Diversifies to Influence the Secular World Even More

NASHVILLE --- Revolve, the world's largest publisher of religious material is selling the sizzle along with the solemn in a line of "Bible-zines" -- repackaged Bibles aimed at hip Christian teenagers.

"Bible-zines" excerpts easy-to-digest biblical passages to answer the tough questions teen-agers often ask. It is in a flashy format so teenagers might feel more comfortable paging through it in public.

"We've found a way to make the word of God exciting, relevant and fun for young women again," said Transit Books brand manager Laura Whaley.

A four-color, 388-page New Testament for teen-age girls, adopting the eye-popping format of mainstream teen magazines was published and went on sale in last July.

"We had thousands of e-mails pouring in from youth ministers and parents and young men themselves asking us to create the same type of product for guys," said brand manager Laura Whaley.

Sold primarily in Christian bookstores around the United States, Revolve sold 30,000 copies in its first month. And then it went on to sell at least 40,000 more with 10,000 additional orders. Revolve is now developing the new product line leaning to the success of that.

The publisher is based in Nashville, a city in the Bible Belt, the Southeastern U.S. region that is strongly religious.

The name of the "Bible-zines" is Refuel and it was planned to be launched in Easter. Next, the publisher plans a Bible-zine for women, set for release in June. As of now, there is no Bible-zine in the works for men.