UK Government turns to Faith groups for views on Policies

The British Government has decided to ask various religious communities for their opinions on local and national policies. A report entitled "Working Together: Cooperation Between Government and Faith Groups" was written by Fiona MacTaggart, the Home Office junior minister, who is in charge of the report.

She says, "Conversations with faith groups will now become a much more normal part of doing business in Britain, just as normal as consultation with business or Trade Unions."

This report, which was drawn up at the request of Prime Minister Tony Blair, says that all British religious groups including other minorities such as Pagans, Zoroastrians and Secularists will also be able to voice their opinions.

Blair says, "Thriving faith communities are a vital component of our open and diverse society". He added, "the Government can only benefit from engaging effectively with them."

However, the Home Office has said that the views of the Church of England should not get special status in consultations. Other well-known religions such as Catholic, as well as free and black majority churches will also have a chance to put their opinions across.