Reconciliation and faithfulness necessary for Ghana

Rev. Peter Wilson spoke to pastors and ministers recently in the National Overseer of the Living Faith Ministries?National Reconciliation in Ghana. According to the Ghanaian Chronicle in Accra, he said that "God has given us the ministry of reconciliation and that it is our responsibility to make it a reality and more practical." (2 Corinthians 5:18)

He said that the economy would improve significantly if everyone including the government could cease all bribery and corruption. He was saddened by people’s lack of faith outside of church. Moreover, he was disheartened by the increasing number of false prophets or ministers who preach false doctrine and therefore lead people astray. He said that pastors and church leaders should be religious pillars of the country and should be last to be charged with bribery and corruption, vices that should never occur.

He noted that it is important for ministers to preach reconciliation to their flock and condemn fighting and bickering among Christians. Violence, moreover, will lead to only more violence, Rev. Wilson said. "As Pastors, it is also necessary that you educate your members on the need for the National Health Insurance Scheme, so that the cash and carry system in our hospitals could be removed" he declared.

Some ministers did not have the proper training or knowledge of the pastoral ministry and consequently took their ministerial responsibilities wrongly according to the Ghanaian Chronicle. Lives of individuals were important to God and none should be wasted, he said.

Rev. Wilson called also on Ghanaian leaders to reconcile with one another, for without it, "we can't practice democracy without tolerance."