A Thrilling end to the Bicentenary Celebration of Bible Society Movement held in New Delhi

New Delhi- Recently hundreds of Christians gathered at the Cathedral Church of Redemption here concluding a series of the celebration of the Bible Society movement which completes 200 years of its journey which was started way back in 1804.

It was an evening to remember as the service as well as the special programme after the service was enlightened with the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to India & Nepal as Chief Guest, Bishops, Pastors, famous gospel singers, the two best choirs in Delhi and dignitaries from embassies.

A formal service held at the Church began with the lighting of the Lamp was lead by Bishop Karam Masih and half a dozen leaders from different denominations.

Delivering a welcome speech, Mr. Richard Khan, the General Secretary of the North West India Auxiliary, Bible Society of India said, ?Today, we join together in spirit with all those staff and supporters in celebration, thanksgiving and intercession. Today we join in prayer and solidarity with all the saints who have gone before. To mark this day, we have gathered here not only from all the Churches in Delhi and the National Capital Territory, but are honored to have the Excellencies of a number of countries to worship in an intricately woven liturgy, music and praise that reflects the diversity and span of the peoples that Bible Society is and serves across the world, and the diversity and individuality of the people God has made us to be. So, I welcome you all?

Dignitaries from foreign embassies along with Church leaders from different denominations in turn lead the Bible reading responsively with the congregation.

Speaking at the service, Chief Guest Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, the Vatican representative to India & Nepal said, “Pope John Paul II in 2002, addressed a Bible Society in Italy, and commented that the Bible Societies exist to provide the Holy Scripture to the people, for which the Holy Father thanked God, I also thank God for the noble causes the Bible Societies have been doing.?

“The service of the word of God is a service to the world,?he added. He also said that the Bible Society of India is doing immense work of God, it had published the Holy Bibles 197 Indian languages and is currently working on another 74 Indian languages.

The Archbishop said that the world needs the word of God and providing this word to the world is a very noble cause. He said that there is union between God and his people through the word and this word must be taught to the fallen world so that the true life that a man needs to live may be revealed.

The service was made lively with the presence of one of the two bests Choirs in the city; St. Stephen Church Choir and Delhi Mizo Christian Fellowship choir. Gospel singer Vijay Benedict and Pastor Sam Mathai of Global Christian Life Centre also presented a very meaningful, touching songs in the service.
The ‘Halleluiah Chorus?sung by the Mizo Choir to wind up the service marked yet again how a beautiful song with a well organized choir can change the whole atmosphere. It was thrilling to listen to the world famed Chorus right here in the capital city of India.

The formal service was followed by an informal gathering at the lawn of the Church.
Though the formal service came to an end, the thrilling celebration just began at the lawn of the Church. The presence of famous gospel singer Vijay Benedict, who came all the way from Mumbai who had truly entertained the audience with his ever gifted voice, a touching gospel songs supported by a melodious pre-recorded music. With his touching few lines of testimony enthralled the audience; who said, “Without God live is void. Success, fame and wealth doesn’t make man merry, only when he finds the true living God ?Jesus Christ that he is truly satisfied with everything.?

For a greater cause :
The North West India Auxiliary this evening gifted the Holy Bible specially designed to meet the need of visually impaired persons to dozens of blinds who were really happy to receive the Book of life which they can enjoy reading at their convenient time.

It has also produced audio versions of the word of God in half a dozen audience, including an audio cassettes for drug addicts, prostitutes, visually impaired people; and also to reach out to the other faiths, it also has produced the same for the Muslim audience, Hindu audience, Sikh audience, etc. One can buy these audiocassettes at a very minimal cost in all Bible Society’s bookrooms.

Bike for the Bibles :
205, that was five more than the target number 200 of cyclists and bikers, who had been riding around the city and the NCR to raise funds and spread the awareness of the Bible Society to the believers, were honored with big applause from the audience as they were presented before them on the stage. They truly deserves to be honored who had toiled the heat of the 10 days riding of cycles and bikes starting from 18th March to ending on 28th March 2004.

The thrilling celebration continued with presentation of skit by Media Commission Catholic Diocese titled “Mary Jones was the Reason? Mary was the inspirational girl from Welsh, whose dedication and commitment to have her own Bible led to the formation of the Bible Society all over the world.

The night was filled with wonderful presentation of songs and dance from African Fellowship, BSI group & NWIA staff, Centenary Methodist Church Choir, Hmar Fellowship, Nepali Fellowship, Orthodox Syrian Church choir and others.

A multimedia presentation held by the A.V Workshop was very impressive.

Your turn :
Yes, this is your turn. You can make difference to someone’s life with your valuable contribution to the Bible Society by donating money, wrist watch, jewellery, etc. The Bible Society gift away the Holy Bible in a subsidized cost, therefore, the rest cost is covered up from believers who had been giving out for the Lord, knowing well that they are the invisible, indirect preachers of the word of God.

Though the Bicentenary Celebration comes to an end, the real work continues. Let us participate and make difference for the great cause.

Peter Bei Chatlai in New Delhi.